Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Face to Face with Yourself

Your understanding is growing – from that of Initiate to that of Master. All emotions, feelings and especially reactions are mere reflections of you.  What begins (Source) within, is that which you can trust as truth.  There are some that/who could be called “triggers”.

What does a “trigger” do?  Once pushed, it activates/initiates a force/propulsion/explosion so that whatever is concealed in the belly of the piece is immediately shot forth; no longer hidden.

What is hidden has been put there so that it is not seen by anyone.  “Triggers” ruin everything.  They expose our deepest parts before we decide to do so ourselves, often in uncomfortable ways that can feel fatal.

Once pushed, a “trigger’s” job is done.  Unless of course, you have more that is concealed.  If so, the trigger will propel what is hiding again and again, over and over until you notice.

This moment of Now does not need to feel fatal.  Once noticed, that which is hidden can be brought out into the light of day gently; then gracefully danced with until your steps are in unison.  This number was choreographed by a Master.  The Master is you.

It is only through love that you will make this leap.  Not blame or reporting wrongs or faults – but through seamless cooperation with all that emerges.  Every moment offers an opportunity for collaboration now.  Each interaction brings to the surface just one question/one choice – Love or Fear?

In the choice of fear there is a reticence, a resistance, a hanging on, a perceived debt or obligation, apology or payback.  With love there is only an allowing – a “yes, and…” response that gives permission for the other to be; all the while considering how best to fill your shared moment with acceptance and with love.

This Now we are in transcends any we’ve experienced thus far.  A deep emergence into your worldview brings you face to face with what you are here to incorporate. 

This is not something other than you, but a part of you that’s been denied.  “No-one gets left behind, or forgotten” applies here.  Every inch of you is necessary, okay and part of the whole.

Illness, arguments and feelings of pain are symptoms of denial.  There is no “other” you are arguing with or denying.  You are One.  Be grateful for each “other”, every “trigger” and all symptoms of illness or pain.  They are like reminders of things forgotten; extra hands to help move you along.  They were chosen by you, for you, and have arrived right on time.  We are doing this together.  We are One.

 We are the One we’ve been waiting for.


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Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Remembering...

You are tapping into something universal.  It is the essence of truth – the reality of your being.  You are energetically receiving and emitting from your very organs what is true.  The language of your heart is spoken everywhere. 

Does it sound instead like static?  Then what you are hearing/seeing is “BRAINTALK: CONTRAST: BRAINTALK: CONTRAST”.  It shouts at you and you are becoming deaf to its cries… Your heart hears only love, and the brain, in control for so long, is now losing its dominant role as the organizing body part.  The noise of the brain comes in super loud now because you have and are resonating with a different frequency these days; the frequency of the heart.  It is via contrast that creation is initiated; it may help to remember that.

This time is one of unlimited expansion without a map.  The limiting concepts of North, South, East, West, up, down, within and beyond do not serve as useful explanations.  Without directions we’ve no choice but to heed the call of the heart.

In an effort to capture what that means, words feel limiting and limited.  The challenge to express what has been called our “ultra-dimensional truth” is taken on here as an exercise in exploration.  For truth is known rather than spoken or written.  Names are separators and words are our training wheels, offering symbols for the language of the heart.  They “speak” for the part of us that has not yet remembered, yet is on the verge of total recall.

Information floods in now and we cherry pick what resonates.  We are on different individual paths.  The choices made just “feel right”.  This solitary collective journey has a guide for every intention.  We are not alone. Blogs, podcasts, youtube channels, groups, classes and programs make sure we know it. There is no right or wrong. 

As “time” now moves from one number to the next what emerges is a sort of awe at the singular enormity of what we are.  It becomes clear that words do not exist that capture our inherent precious core.  Terms like “eternal essence” and “agape” come close.  Maybe.

The voice and desire in your heart and head now springs from this process of remembering all that you are.  You are every component that exists.  There are cellular memories, yes.  They’ve been encoded with what we label “memory”.  This, in the sense that they are things that have “happened” in the “past”.  Yet time is a construct as we now understand it.  So, when did this “happening” occur? 

Always and all ways.  Our understanding of life is about to be blown wide open without any limitation.  We are beyond limits.

As we remember, this feeling of Oneness will leave us speechless.  Not that expression won’t be necessary.  Not that at all. Expression will instead be an active part of every beat of our heart.  Translators will not be necessary.  The heart speaks ONE language.

It speaks only love.  From my heart to yours I wish you abundance in all that you desire and a gentle remembering of whom it is that you are, with all of your power and complete perfection.  Raise your glass and celebrate you.  You are the One you’ve been waiting for.


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Blessed, joyful New Year!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My Gift for you

Here is a gift for the holiday season.  It is a recording of a post created in August of 2013 and my most popular recording on Soundcloud.  For this holiday season, it's been re-mastered by my friends at Soundsfiction.  Enjoy!

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A huge wave of unconditional love to you and your families as we enter this next cycle.  Thank you for sharing some time with me.


The Gift
If you close your eyes

What is happening now is extraordinary. In this fictional arena called time we are becoming One. It transcends language so hang in there as a telling is attempted.

Yesterday polarity roared, gasping for breath. There was a moment of confusion. Within reach and in plain sight were the oxygen tanks; familiar and easy to operate. Yet nearby, something else insisted; something new and untested.

It was not reached for as much as it arrived, right on time. In one bold moment of unity, agape arrived. It said "I know you. I have seen you. There is nothing you can do to change the way I feel for you. You are no parts distasteful, hateful, repulsive or disappointing. You are me. How can I hurt or hate that which I understand? I am you."

This answer came clothed as a human. Another who knew the question without sound or words; who felt it and responded. Oneness. The oxygen tanks remain unused, we are breathing new air.

Oneness transforms everything. It is not taught so much as recognized; learned so much as remembered. The precise moment in which you realize that God has always been within you, you know truth. You are God. As God, there is no other. None to judge. None to blame. None to fight. None to harm. None lesser or greater. Just One. One to love.

Pure Love.

Yesterday life played its songs and stories, reminding us of what we are doing. We are closing not just a door, but a plot line. Its recurring roles and lives and struggles were lived so that we'd understand completely. We do. We can walk as One now. We can trust each other. We are One, in real time.

The walls must fall. It's the only way.Acceptance of love erases any risk. We must be willingly, unconditionally ourselves. All the walls were glass anyway. We just pretended they were either mirrors or bricks. We've moved past the need for pretense.

Oneness breathes only love. When you meet another who breathes that air, joy sort of melts from their pores. Look around, it is happening in surprising faces. You can see it in their eyes; agape.

If you close your eyes, you can feel it. You've been here before. Remember.

You are the One you've been waiting for.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I wish I was the real Santa...

It seems as if life, love and questions are bursting from me without effort. This is not a singular path, with a foreseeable destination. It feels like an explosion of experience.

I will confess to having not kept up with any current predictions or astrological forecasts; aware only that the winter solstice and equinox are fast approaching. It is now, that is what I can count on. And that is complete and enough.

I have had my share of loss, and today I am witnessing yet more. I do not know the reasons for it all... I speak and write about the necessity of self love and the ability to maintain a state of pure love in the midst of great pain. How is this done?

I recall a decade ago, facing a tragic, unexpected and unexplainable loss. I spent many many days wondering how the sun could rise? Did not it know that my world had ended? And yet, it rose anyway.

It rose again today. Someone very dear to me sent me this:
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I responded: “I wish I was the real Santa.”

I have no snappy sayings or helpful quotes today. Life goes on, choices are made and accidents happen. It isn't always pretty or fun or in our plans. Yet the sun comes up regardless. Perhaps the lesson is found there. The sun has been called the giver of life. This life, the one this body is living, is not a guarantee of anything permanent. It is merely an opportunity. It is upon us to take full advantage of it.

“if you really want to know what the body looks like, look up into the evening sky and see the stars, cells of cosmic energy scattered in the infinite vacuum of the dark night sky. If you really want to know what the body sounds like, listen to the waves and the wind for the energy they carry. If you really want to know what the body's energy feels like, be aware of a gentle breeze caressing your cheek and sense the information carried in the molecules breathed in and out by every person and thing that has ever lived.”
Paul Pearsall, “The Heart's code”

Listening to this today moved me to tears:
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It is the work of Stuart Mitchell, using the translations of geneticist Susumu Ohno. He transposed adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine (the four nucleotides on the strands of dna) to musical notes. Hearing it caused waves of excitement throughout my entire being. It was not just my ears that were engaged, it felt like my soul heard it too. Who we are is musical, rhythmic and beautiful.

We are one. Perhaps what we can count on is that we have never been alone and we never will be. Regardless of how many leave too early and seemingly against our wishes, there will always be love. In the decade since I lost my loved one, I have gone on to love still. That phone call carrying the news of great loss was not the death blow I had imagined it to be. It has changed everything, yes, yet it did not stop my heart from loving. If anything, it accelerated my awakening. Love is more than I had imagined.

If I was the real Santa I would give everyone enough love to hold them together; with just enough extra to spill out the top. Then, I’d catch what spilled out and give it again...

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I wish you the most blessed of holidays...

You are the One you've been waiting for.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

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