Thursday, December 12, 2013

Enough Already

You hold the keys to the kingdom.  They’ve been hidden beneath layers of subservience, until now.  The reason for their hiding does not matter.  You’ve found them.  It is upon you to remember that you hold them in your hands.

There are others showing up now, making demands, attempting to push you back down, to douse your light.  They are saying “We hold the keys to your freedom.  Do this as we command.  We will grant your release if you comply.”

As the key holder, you wonder… “Who are these others, making demands?”  “Why do they not show themselves?”  “How is it that they hold these keys in my hands?”  “This does not ring true.”

You feel uncertain, and that is the point.  There are relationships, conversations and exchanges that empower, enrich and support you. Then there are the other kinds, the ones that feel familiar.  The ones you’ve had consistently – before you found the keys.  Slavery feels familiar because it’s gone on for so long.  It is not, however, natural.  Recognize your worth as an equal player, a co-creator and a unique and vital piece of thread in this exquisite tapestry of life.

Freedom is not granted, it is taken.  No requirements are made of a free being.  A god does not ask permission, and a god is what you are.

We are gods playing games.  If you are done with this one, just stop playing.  Polls are not necessary.  They merely continue the charade.  The “Followers of Light” have played their next move.  Let’s play one of our own.  Refuse the game.

It may be true that we did not start this game, but we can put away our game pieces and costumes anytime.  Enough already.  It’s boring, painful even, and tedious.  There are so many better games to play.  Recognize the ones that serve a being such as you.

There has been a shift within each of us.  We’ve moved beyond making demands, and trading our value for cash.  We’ve morphed into a realization – we are priceless.  Unity of purpose guided by love and personal power moves us now.  This is not a state of being that was granted by any other.  This is a becoming.

Stand strong and witness the force of your heart.  Like a lie detector, you will find there the answers you seek.  In these recent years, specifically the last twelve months, freedom and universal compassion have exponentially expanded.  Trust.  You did that, no one else.  You did not ask permission.  This is who you are.

You know this.  Call out the pretenders, the game players and promise makers.  A god waits for no one, but moves forward confident and sure, fearless and absolute. 

You know who you are.  Yet as of today, you don’t know who “they” are.  Why is that?

Enough already.  We have no need of another poll with a future date.  We have a planet to fix.

Three times today, upon starting my car, these two songs played in sequence: “It’s going down” and “Welcome to the New Age”.  Yes.

There are no coincidences.  If you look and listen you will find that the evidence surrounds you – we are doing this.  The old order is coming down.  We have entered a New Age.

Games and surveys are not required.  You can feel it, sense it, breathe it - now be it.  There is no need to answer to anyone but you.

You are the one you are waiting for.


  1. Very nice and so true, and to add, perhaps the poll pushed it just a little further. Perhaps there was a purpose for the poll too? It's all in the intension, isn't it? 88% had had enough as the poll says. The rest (who are asleep) more likely too, just not aware they have a choice yet. And now we move to the next 'level' where 'no polls are needed'. Nice article!